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Hank's Birthday 2004
Dana Homecoming 2006 (and Max got to give Bob a pie in the face!)
7-4-2004-- 15.JPG (13057 bytes) July 4th at Triplett's
, 56.JPG (76629 bytes) Okoboji 2004 Pt. 1
,, 14.JPG (59654 bytes) Okoboji 2004 Pt. 2
Prom 2004  2.JPG (52068 bytes) Prom 2004
  Movie of  Emmett getting the Emmett Award
Family 2003- 11.JPG (40931 bytes) Miscellaneous Pictures
Mom's 80th 1 46.JPG (55612 bytes) Mom's 80th Birthday Pt.1
Mom's 80th 28.JPG (44421 bytes) Mom's 80th Birthday Pt.2






Well, summer is almost gone already.  Hank and Max are gearing up for football and school (I think),  and Husker nation is about to reveal a new offense.  Should prove for an interesting and busy Fall for Patty and me.

The Photo of the Week was an easy one this time.  How can you top this.

Photo of the Week!

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